Friday, June 20, 2008

Fierce Catholics

You may have seen the Drudgereport story about the Gloucester girls who made a pact to become pregnant and raise their babies together. There is a comment on the story at the First Things blog.

What kills me is the Time statement that Gloucester is a "fiercely Catholic enclave." Ha! Are there any fiercely Catholic enclaves left in the United States? Take it from me, there aren't any on the North Shore of the Boston area, or anywhere else in Massachusetts. This is the state that made Ted Kennedy a senator-for-life and rolled over for gay marriage. Ted polls as well in Gloucester as anywhere else.

But you don't need me to tell you that. The facts from the story are enough. Remember that the use of contraceptives is a sin for all Catholics. You'd think that in a "fiercely Catholic enclave" the idea of handing out contraceptives to adults would be a non-starter, let alone high school students. But the debate in Gloucester is precisely over how hard to push contraceptives on schoolkids. Apparently, only a "fierce Catholic" would have any qualms about it.

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