Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture worth a thousand words.

I write a lot of gassy posts on this blog, but the Blue Boar has summed up the best reasons for being Catholic in one wonderful picture.

This picture has it all. The peculiar Catholic union of ancient wisdom and youth, signified by the Holy Father's traditional garb and worn face, but a face more innocent and excited than a frat boy about to quaff his first Old Milwaukee. The union of sacrifice, signified by the red the Holy Father is wearing, and joy, signified in the golden brew. An unqualified embrace of creation, yet an embrace carrying the wisdom that knows that the world and its pleasures turn to dust unless they are returned to God.


Bob Cook said...

Gassy? That's only one half the expression! The full one is "gassy flapdoodle" (John Derbyshire in National Review) I enjoy both your blog and Sean's. In fact, I discovered yours thru Sean's.

David T. said...

Thanks for visiting!