Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wiping out with St. Thomas

The Boston Sunday Globe has a good article on a TV show my family loves - "Wipeout" - and brings in none other than St. Thomas Aquinas for some perspective:

Slapstick equals humility, and humility - as St. Thomas Aquinas pointed out - equals truth. St. Thomas would have cautioned that salvation remains a serious business: it’s called the Fall of Man, after all, not the Wipeout of Man. But as a sideshow to the obstacle course of righteousness, we can enjoy “Wipeout.”


blog nerd said...

That's funny--I haven't seen this show but my mother-in-law just told me about it a couple of days ago. Now I have to check it out. You know in all that free time I have. :)

RAnn said...

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David T. said...

Sure, I'd like to try it... I'll follow the link.