Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry Potter and the Exorcist

Via the Drudgereport:

Harry Potter


Anonymous said...

Broken link. There's a "l" missing from the end of the URL.

David T. said...

fixed it, thanks.


Pseudonoma said...

Hi David,

I really appreciate the link to this post. Some very important information. This is a topic which, unfortunately, most people of good will should to some degree become better informed about, since it is believed to be either folklore or simply "interesting" --as if it were ever to be regarded as material for lucrative movie-making or novel-writing.

Needless to say, I was equally appreciative of, yet dismayed by, this information, to which your link had itself been linked:

Best regards, and thanks again for LPB.

David T. said...

I never followed that link... yes, it is dismaying. Naturally we are all sinners and what he says about Potter I think still holds.

Deal Hudson has his own issues:

I've always been a little perplexed that he's still around in Catholic publishing circles after that one.

Pseudonoma said...

I cannot speak on this matter with any more authority than as an internet browser ---which is to say, no authority at all, but I must say that the slew of links I followed afterwards regarding the obsure details of this Euteneuer's case, as well as the even more obscure consequences that have resulted, have lead me to suspect that the most recent marring of his reputation --whether justified or not ---is nothing less than tragic. Not only his book on the Church Militant but his earlier publication entitled "Demonic Abortion" seem to be bold proclamations regarding severe truths that illuminate the extent of the aggressive and pervasive evil that we are currently endangered by in the current age. Not the preaching material of someone merely concerned with making people feel more comfortable within their "faith community". We need tuly holy priests to fearlessly communicate these all too disconcerting truths if we are ever to be roused to vigilance regarding their encroachment. Somnambulistic sense of normalcy may even be a stronger ally of evil than paranoia, if I may say so. Hopefully the downfall of this questionable man's reputation does not prove to be a mere tranquilizer to the urgent problems he previously risked publically addressing.